Vegas-On-A-Budget DIY Totes


I have had a debaucherous week.  My poor, poor bank account.

I spent last weekend in Las Vegas with three of the most fun girls I know. We partied, we tanned, we drank champagne, we gambled – you know, all the typical Vegas weekend things.

But you know how Vegas gets.  You can order a $20 roll of sushi that is about the size of a nickel.  You can bet $50 on black and lose it in the blink of an eye.  You can pay $20 for one single Vodka RedBull.

This might have been based on true events…

So that is why before we left, I put together two bags for our weekend.  These bags were going to keep us entertained, glamourous, and on budget.

Well, a Vegas budget.

I bought two bags to begin.  One black and one white.  I wanted to stuff them with fun things that we might need throughout the weekend.

I cheated a little and printed out “VEGAS” in a great font to get started.

Then I stenciled it in chalk onto both bags, black for night, white for day.

I got my gold paint out, because doesn’t Vegas use make you think gold? (fingers crossed)

And painted away…

Adding a sun and a moon…

And then of course, a little glitter…

…which I had to promise Brad I would clean up as SOON as it was stuck on there.

The day before we left, the bags were totally dry (and all glitter was cleaned off the dining room table).  I stuffed the daytime Vegas tote with sunscreen, magazines, crossword puzzles, fruit snacks, protein bars, and silly sunglasses.  The nighttime Vegas tote was stuffed with lotions, fun jewelry, a few bottles of vodka, hairspray, nail polish, and a bottle of champagne.

I think the valet was a little disappointed in us while loading up the car for the drive home yesterday that we still had about a bottle and a half of vodka leftover.  He said most people don’t leave Vegas with booze.  We may have overestimated our inner-rockstar-selves when it came to the liquor…

But I assure you, the champagne was completely gone.


Glitter Shoes… and More


When I was in high school, I used to wear silver glitter as eye shadow.

And not just to pep rallies or out dancing.  Oh, it’s a Tuesday?  I have a geometry test today?  Guess I’ll wear some silver glitter.

My glitter-crush is still alive and kicking ten years later.  Although I can’t imagine an appropriate event for the eye shadow anymore.  Halloween, maybe?  New Years?

I guess this lady is still working the glitter-shadow…

Anyway.  I saw these kicks on “this is glamourous” recently and it started a full on glitter revival.

I searched and found crafts where people glittered double sided tape, camera straps, disco balls, utensils, wallpaper, even an edible glitter TRIFLE!!  Now you can COOK WITH GLITTER!!!

I went out that night and bought fabric glue and a big container of gold fine glitter.

Not edible.  But so sparkly.

I admit, it took me weeks to decide what to glitter.  It is a commitment, you know.  I wanted so badly to glitter some shoes like the ones I’d seen, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on shoes I could potentially be destroying.

Then I wanted to glitter my guitar.  Brad was surprisingly into it.  I got commitment-phobia.  Every time I’d play I’d be covered in glitter.  Or it’d be all scratchy.  No bueno.

Then I started just picking random things that I thought would be fun to glitter.  How about just a guitar strap?  Or the ribbon on my favorite fedora?  Or a clutch?  Or Gibson?

Brad said I could not glitter Gibson.

Finally this week I took the plunge.  My friend Deva had a short film premier at Universal and I needed something to wear.

I pulled out a pair of black booties that I got at Target months ago.  I hadn’t worn them once.  Something about the color and the platform part – they made my ankles look funny.  And if I hadn’t worn them yet in the four or five months I had them, I was never going to wear them.  Decision made.

These booties were getting glittered.

And I promised Brad that I wouldn’t glitter Gibson, but I think she was kind of into it.

I laid down a trash bag for easy clean up.

I painted on fabric glue to the piece of fabric that covered the heel of the shoes.

I glittered.

I let them dry.

As I waited, I again started searching for things to glitter.  I was hooked.

First thing I found was my keys.  I had seen “All Things Charming” glitter a key on a blog recently…  Fabric glued the top of the key, glittered it up…

Now the key to my parent’s house in Maryland is glittered.

I figure I don’t use it too much, but when I do it is always a special occasion.  And if home is where the heart is, home should definitely have sparkle.

Now the rest of my keys look really lame.

(PS I just read to coat the key in clear nail polish after glittering.  This is absolutely necessary with how hard I am on my keys.  And how much glitter would get in my purse without it.)

But the shoes.  The shoes were a hit.  They looked incredible and dressed up an otherwise pretty plain outfit.

Warning to the OCD clean people: I most definitely shed glitter with every step I took, but I loved it.  I felt a little like Tinkerbell.  And what’s so bad about literally leaving a trail of glitter everywhere you go?  It says “someone had a really good time right here.”

I think the silver-glitter eye shadowed Kels of 2002 would be pretty proud of where her glitter skills were going to go.

And I’m still considering glittering the dog, FYI.