About Kels

kelly mathews

Hey there, guys!  The real name is Kelly, but somewhere along the way I developed the nickname “Kels”.  And it kind of stuck, so I’m going with it.

In 2010 I moved from the East to the West coast with my dog and now-husband, Brad, in tow.  I had grand plans when I came out to Cali that I would push forward with my music business career and find my way in “the industry”, but I ended up finding a whole new world of possibilities and adventures instead.

Being married to a chef isn’t always as easy as it sounds. For one, I’m always doing the dishes after dinner. (harhar!) And second, I also love to cook!  After duking it out and realizing that his skill for the savory was starting to far outshine mine, I found my own rightful place in the kitchen through my love of making desserts and drinks.  Maybe Brad usually makes the dinner, but someone has to pour the wine, shake the martinis and entertain the guests while dinner is being prepared!

Challenge accepted.

The Key of Kels is my place to share all of my delicious concoctions and recipes with you. Being 2651 miles (yes, i Google mapped it) away from home, I started this blog to share all of the amazing new sights, sounds and tastes with those people who can’t be here every day with me. Not only can my mom (or sister or neighbor or bff) check in and make sure we aren’t eating PB&Js every night (although I do love a good PB&J), but I can share with her the recipe for that awesome peach crostata I made yesterday!  And I can even recommend a wine she can go out and buy to pair with it, and teach her about the region in France it came from!

If I could do this all from her kitchen table, I absolutely would.  So here is the next best thing.

The Key of Kels is my blog about all of the things in life that inspire and move me.  It’s about all of the adventures and experiences that come together to form my very own unique “key” in life. It’s a place to learn and a place to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

The best part is even on my wildest days – I am always in tune with The Key of Kels.


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