espanol de columbia

if you speak no spanish, i apologize. i don’t either and i don’t understand a word of this. thanks a lot jonny and brad.

these are the 179790709 text messages that i just checked my phone and got from my husband and my brother. Sometimes Jonny hijacks Facebook walls, last night he made me thankful I have unlimited text messages.

I think that Brad really misses all of the spanish that is spoken in Los Angeles. If you need translation (like i did) my sister provided the good ones, i think.

if not, I’ll work on it later. for now, i’m gonna pour another glass of vino…

this is how the texts went:


-taco taco








-queso fresco


-papa fritas

-con mustardo


-bisc ensalada

-pescado del mar


-jugar futbol

-trabajr en el bano (ooooh yeah)

-a la izquierda

-muy caliente (this actually has a dirty meaning which is not spicy food)

-el thinko

-cuidado con mi corizon (really a ricky martin y madonna song cerca de 1998. brad thought it was ‘seniora de boobies’ aka Xtina A.)

-amigos para siempre (BFFS 4EVER)

-don’t go breaking my heart (no se rompe mi corizon. this is really bad translation but at least it’s not englis?!)



-nacho liner (nacho libre?!)


-shampoo pronounced spaniglishly


-taco gato (CAT TACOS WTF)

-i’m down

-biblioteca (rhymes with policiaca according to mama byls)

-los ojos

-la bomba

-sexx laws

-los zapatos de la zapateria

-the candlestick maker

-el panera


-beck (back to sexx laws…)



-policiaca (personally hate this one)

-frijoles negros

-jamon de sopa


-el ninos


-abuelita (lil g-ma)

-el hardo de noche (o noche dificil)











-muy bonita







-planto de huevo (what is plant of egg?? for real)

-juego de naranja

-pio pio

-al verde

-senor al verde


-museo de historia

-inglesia (not to be confused with enrique iglesia)

-la playa

-splish splosh (spanish elvis)



-la nina

-bimbo pan/ pan bimbo/ pan blanco. WHITE BREAD BIAA

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