The R+D Reindeer

Ok, so it wasn’t Mixology Monday, but last night we were feeling festive.  Suzi and I brought in our cranberry citrus infused vodka and whipped up our version of a Moscow Mule.

The R+D Reindeer

Super easy, super delicious.  I even sold a few to dudes that drank them really quickly so they weren’t seen with such a girly holiday martini – and then asked for another, but on the rocks this time.  This drink may look sweet and fruity, but it is refreshing and crisp.  A perfect holiday cocktail!


Want One?


2 oz Cranberry Infused Vodka (we did the OJ for water substitute)

**If you don’t have the time or the patience, I’m sure you can use regular vodka with a SMALL splash of cranberry juice**

4 mint leaves

2 lime wedges

1.5 oz Gingerbeer

Sugar-rimmed martini glass

Combine the vodka, mint leaves, and squeezed lime wedges over ice and shake until cold.

Strain into martini glass and top with Ginger Beer.  A few mint specks are fine, they are green and festive!

We garnished our Reindeer with a few frozen cranberries, but you could add a mint leaf if you want for that perfect holiday color combo.


It looks like Santa’s hat and it tastes delicious!


Oh, and this is all I have left this morning…

I’d call it a success.

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