Hey, Good Looking!

I was determined to write a entry about my amazing “Wicked” experience this week, but instead I procrastinated horribly and messed around with the layout of “The Key of Kels”.

I don’t regret it, because I think this site is looking better than ever!

Speaking of looking better than ever, I also procrastinated with a much longer than normal run (the sunset was so pretty, I didn’t want to come in!) and a little romp shaking once I got home to Beyonce’s “Get Me Bodied”.

First of all, if you don’t work out to Beyonce, you are missing out.  Best booty-shaking (or you could just run to it, I guess) music EVER.  When “4” first came out “Countdown” came on while I was running and I ended up booty dancing/running down the road, where I’m sure driving by thought I was nuts.

Don’t care if people think you’re nuts?  Need some great Beyonce workout songs?  Try these:

Run the World (Girls)
End of Time
Freakum Dress
Green Light
Crazy in Love
Single Ladies
Get Me Bodied

If you don’t own Beyonce’s B’Day album and you don’t know “Get Me Bodied”, go download it.  Get the extended version. It’s six minutes long and she lists all these crazy dance moves at the end.  Do the Naomi Campbell Walk?  Ok!

And if you had any doubts about how awesome Beyonce is going to be as a mother (or how awesome I think she is in general), watch this remake she did of “Get Me Bodied” for NABEF’s Let’s Move! Campaign.  And then watch it again and dance along.  Because this most definitely counts as cardio.

Here’s to looking better and feeling better all year long.  And finding fun ways to work out that don’t involve a treadmill.  Thanks for the dance moves, Beyonce!

I’ll be closing my blinds for this one…

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