Grapefruit Mint Sugar Scrub

I don’t know about all of you, but this dry winter air has given me super scaly skin.

I know, it’s about 65 degrees out here in Santa Monica and I live 20 blocks from the beach.  This isn’t winter.

But still, the air gets drier around this time of year… And we could all use a little pampering, no?

My friend Deva introduced me to the wonders of Coconut oil a few months ago when I accidentally brushed her leg while getting in to my car.  And then I kept stroking her leg.  It was quite romantic, actually.

I apologized the next day for molesting her silky legs.  But I think she really liked it.

Anyway, I got the idea to make a scrub because I wanted to put together a care package for the new Mom & Dad Bylsma and their little guy Max.  I wanted to throw in something that Jenny could use to pamper herself a little bit that would also give her a nice pick me up after any restless nights they may encounter…

Oh, and my legs were super dry.

So I looked around on a few blogs and came up with a Grapefruit Mint Sugar Scrub.  Super easy, super moisturizing, and my legs don’t look like lizards anymore.


Based mostly on this recipe, here’s what I did.


Grapefruit Mint Sugar Scrub

2 large grapefruit (from the Farmer’s Market!)

1 cup sugar

8-10 mint leaves

3/4 cup Coconut Oil

Peel the Grapefruit.

Cut the peeled sections into thinner pieces so they dry out quicker.

Bake the strips at 200 degrees F for about 30 minutes until dried and crispy.

Melt the Coconut Oil into liquid form in a warm water bath.  You don’t want the oil to be hot or it will dissolve the sugar.

Use a blender to grind up the dried peels into small bits.  I also had to use a knife to get the pieces my blender didn’t.

Finely chop mint.

Mix grapefruit with sugar and mint.

Add the oil slowly. You can stop adding oil once the scrub reaches a consistency you like.


I made myself a little jar to test out and then filled another one for Jenny.  I used it at the end of my shower on my legs and arms and they feel fantastic.  The grapefruit has this sharp citrus aroma that wakes you up and the sugar is the perfect texture to gently exfoliate while it dissolved.

And it’s all natural!

I will definitely be making more of this one for shorts weather.  I’ll probably leave out the mint just because it didn’t bring a lot to the party, but this recipe is a winner.  Maybe add ginger next time?  Or try lemon rosemary?  Or vanilla lavender?  Or use salt?

I’m getting out of hand.

Jenny, I’ll be bringing some home with me in a few weeks so you can get in a little bit of pampering while Aunt Kelly and Uncle Brad get our baby time in!

6 thoughts on “Grapefruit Mint Sugar Scrub

  1. Kelly, I wanted to let u know that u inspired me to make a Salt/Sugar Scrub too ! I ended up using a few different ingredients because, I only bought one grapefruit at the farmers market . So I ended up with a Grapefruit, Lime & Mint Salt/ Sugar Scrub . Have not used it yet because I just made it and want the flavors to meld but, I am looking forward to my next shower ! The coconut oil smells amazing so I’m very excited . I love seeing your weekly pics of your farmers market ! I’m a big foodie too so its nice to see what u guys have at your farmers market across the country . Well keep up the good work ! Ur blog rocks 🙂

    • Nice!! I use coconut oil on its own to moisturize all the time, so this was an added bonus. Let me know how the lime works in there, because I will most definitely be making more of these in the future with different scent combinations. So glad you like the blog!! Thanks for reading:)

  2. OMG!!! Found this though Pinterest, i make lots of my own bath & body products, not professionally, just for friends & family. Lots of my inspiration comes from Pinterest. I think the idea of using the peels, where all the essential oils are, & drying them to concentrate, then grinding them up to give texture AND impart all their goodness is genius!! Citrus is one of my favorite scents and this is a wonderful idea. I like the lime idea too. If you dried/ground ginger with it and used the coconut oil, you would have a scent that is very popular in bath/scent type shops. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

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