Feeling Inspired

I thought I had a pretty good system.  I lived my life, ate amazing foods, went on California adventures, took pictures, and then I came home and would share it all with you.

It seemed to be working just fine.

And it wasn’t like I was out there searching for inspiration to change any of that or to change how I wrote my blog.  I have a lot on my plate.  A full time job.  A singing career.  Learning Photoshop.  Looking for a good camera to improve my pictures.

Baby steps.

But this week, I have just taken three courses so far through the Alt Design Summit.  The Organized Blogger, Advertising for Bloggers, and Graphic Design for Bloggers.

And my mind has been blown.

First of all, I’ve been put in touch with so many amazing bloggers out there who are writing about so many different places, topics and things.  These people are documenting their lives the same way that I am documenting mine.  They are inspiring and exciting and it is so much fun to connect with people who enjoy doing something that I am finding so much joy and creativity in.

And second of all, some of them are really kicking my butt!

So as my lists of things to improve, change, learn, and visit grows, I welcome the challenge.  July will be “Improve The Key of Kels” month – where I try out new things, change around a few things, and start to really spread my wings.  Because writing, photographing, cooking, eating, drinking, and adventuring for this blog is what I love to do.  And you should live what you love, right?

So for now, here is my first exploration.  A collage of this week’s Farmer’s Market.

Golden summertime.  Tomatoes as big as your head.  Flowers I’ve never seen before.  And rows and rows of sweet, delicious berries.

Oh, and have you tried PicMonkey?  Go.  Run.  Create collages.

And expect to see a lot more of them here.

Thank you Bing! and Alt Design Summit for keeping me busy and excited about learning more!

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s class!


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