Happiest Birthday

I am absolutely the luckiest girl in the world.

I thought maybe I’d be upset about turning 29. The last year of my twenties. Brad and I have been insanely busy with work and we weren’t sure we’d really be able to celebrate, or that we would even both be off from work.

But we are blessed to have a boss who is working with us to get us time off together, so we can focus on our relationship as well as our careers. In the crazy restaurant business, that’s really a rarity.

So we kicked off 29 at Max Karaoke. We sang ridiculous songs until they kicked us out at 3AM.

29 and still rocking till 3AM. That’s right.

The morning/early afternoon of my birthday, I woke up to this beautiful present from my most amazing husband.

fossil watch

Who also has really great taste in watches. He nailed it.

I was absolutely overwhelmed by friends and family wishing me a Happy Birthday through text, Facebook or phone calls. My Facebook feed literally looked like this all day.

facebook birthday notifications

Being the social media addict that I am, it was very hard for me to keep up. But I tried to respond to every. single. one. (If I missed you, Thank you!! I felt incredibly loved! You are amazing!)

I was also lucky enough to have a little shopping spree to Anthropologie, where my parents had given me money to buy myself something nice.

I never actually buy clothes at Anthropologie. I love their dishes and glasses, but I can never afford the clothes although they are some of the most beautiful clothes ever. So when my mom texted me to go buy some cool shoes or a romper, I thought to myself that there was no way I was going to get a romper at Anthropologie. I was going to get one of their gorgeous dresses or jackets or shoes or something. It was pretty hilarious that my mom was aware of my deep love of celebratory rompers, though.

And then I walked in and was instantly attracted to this…

blue anthropologie jumpsuitAnd this…

black anthropologie jumpsuitAnd then this… but with no real occasion to wear it.

red anthro dressI actually settled on the very “romper” that my mom wanted to buy me originally. What great taste we have:)

IMG_7639a(please excuse the horribly messy room. it’s the only one Brad doesn’t insist on keeping impeccably clean… sometimes)

So with my newly platinum hair and my killer jumpsuit, we headed out to my favorite Italian restaurant for dinner – Piccolo.

It’s kind of funny that both the place I chose for lunch and for dinner – Piccolo and Sugarfish – provide tasting menus where they just do the ordering for me. I feel like a queen. Just have the chef prepare what he likes best…

And I absolutely trust them.

In bobo we trust

Bobo, the chef, also takes credit for the tunes. And although I don’t remember them specifically, I know bobo’s taste in music was pretty awesome, too.

bobo tunes

Anyway, so we got to eating. Some of the dishes I managed to photograph before they were devoured were…


Carpaccio two ways. Duck with watercress and lamb with black truffle.


Half and half ravioli with mint foam. Half pumpkin, half salt cod. I was surprised at how delicious the flavors went together. And intrigued by how they got the two fillings into those little separate pockets.IMG_7653a

Housemade gnocchi with oxtail ragu and a ouch of chocolate. Yup. It was rich and fluffy and amazing.

giant wine glassAll paired with different wines. I loved this glass they gave me that was seriously about the size of my head.

(Also note how much wine is on the table. And Brad doesn’t drink…)
IMG_7658aVery, very happy Brad and Kels.

So I am absolutely the luckiest girl in the world. I had an amazing birthday full of karaoke, friends, bubbly, rompers, love, family, cookies, sushi and smiles.


Thank you all so much!! Here’s to a fantastic end to my twenties!


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