Colors of Spring

Sometimes during the cold winter months of potatoes and hearty green kale, you forget how much color there is in the world.

And then weeks like this week happen.  The market was drop dead gorgeous this week.DSC_0202 DSC_0219

Spring here in Southern California is in full bloom.  There were blossoms and flowers and blooms everywhere.

DSC_0258 DSC_0260

Even the herbs were flowering with spring.

DSC_0213 DSC_0240Vegetables came in all colors of the rainbow.

DSC_0237 DSC_0241IMG_3754

And I wore a very Farmer’s Market appropriate sweater…

DSC_0210So, naturally, I had to buy some of the bountiful amounts of citrus…


I’ve been plotting all day what I’m going to make/candy/drink with all that glorious Vitamin C…

The Key of KelsBut until then, I’ll leave you with this last little bucket of peonies that were hiding at Coleman Farms’ stand as we were leaving.  I love the few weeks that these are available, and although I never saw a stand selling them, this is a sign their season is close!


Oh how I love Springtime!  I hope your week is as bountiful and colorful as ours is.  And if it’s not, put on some bright purple nail polish and see how that inspires you. 🙂

Happy Spring!


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