PopTart Vlog!

My friend Sarah and I love it’s Grace! and her Vlog (video blog) on YouTube.

Grace is hilarious and she lives in the same town as me.  I feel like if we ever met, we would become instant friends.

Ha. Creepy…

But back in (sort of)reality, Sarah and I like to sometimes send each other videos that we call Vlogs. Most of the time Sarah sends me a Vlog of her doing something active and awesome around San Francisco.  Usually I send her Vlogs from my kitchen, making something sugary and delicious.  Sometimes our friend Mochelle even gets in on the fun and sends us a Vlog from her adventures around Orlando.

Nationwide Vlogging.  If you also have friends spread out all over the US, you should try it.  I don’t know why, but it’s really, really hilarious.

Aaaaanyway… Yesterday I was in the kitchen making pop tarts when Sarah texted me that I should Vlog it.  I assume she meant to send the Vlog to her, but as I hit record I thought to myself, “this could be kind of funny (or ridiculous) to share with my actual blog.”

So here it is.  Brad says I’m making my mirror face.  I think it’s hilarious, so I hope you at least find it enjoyable.  Maybe one day I will make an actual blog, where I edit it and make an entire recipe and don’t have The Black Key’s new album blasting in the background.

I promise I will share these pop tarts with you soon.  I just had one for lunch…


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