One day, long ago at the original Urban Flats restaurant in Winter Park, FL, one of the bartenders did the unforgivable “no-call no-show”.  We were down a bartender on a busy night.  What was the poor manager to do?

Throw on one of your cutest servers, experienced or not.

Cocktail Kels was born.

Since that very shaky night of pouring drinks and figuring out that Soda Water was indeed very different from Tonic water, I’ve come a long way in the bartending world.  I have shaken martinis in bars and restaurants in Florida, New York, and now Los Angeles.  My Crabby Mary was voted 2nd in a “Best of the West” competition last fall in Santa Monica.  And I make a mean Mojito.  I love being behind the bar almost as much as I like bellying up to it.

Most recently I have gone one step past the mixing of the drinks.  I have started infusing my own liquors, reducing and creating flavored syrups, making bitters, and even concocting some delicious limoncello.  I’ve created signature cocktails that change with the seasons from fresh produce from the Farmer’s Market.  My job is pretty awesome.

Because I feel that most occasions (birthdays, holidays, Tuesday lunches…) are improved with a cocktail or two, follow this link for a few good recipes that all deserve a really good “cheers!”

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