I don’t really love the word foodie.

I’d rather be a foodist.  Or just a food lover.  But I guess I’ve taken it a bit further than that.

I am an Adorer of Food.

Being married to a chef only adds to the madness.  No food is off limits when we eat.  Chicken Livers, Foie Gras, Sashimi, Tongues, Intestines, Sweetbreads, Raw, Cooked… Whatever.  If it is food, we will try it and I will write about it.

Oh, and i will also take a lot of pictures of it.  So if you’re hungry or on a diet, be warned.  This will not be easy.

Brad and I even have a garden where we grow the freshest herbs and produce that is possible to use in our outrageous homemade dishes.

So if you follow me through my adventures in cooking, growing, baking, eating, and shopping for the most amazing foods, check out this link…

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