Tori Kelly: Suit & Tie Cover

I don’t know if you know this yet, but I am working with my guitar-playing friend, Eric, to put together an acoustic set.  This girl needs some singing in her life, and it’s about time I got my act together!

Most of our songs are originals.  I love to write and it’s just amazing to hear my lyrics and my melodies become a full song.  Eric also writes, so we are combining forces to come up with a set of our music that people will love.

I’ve been posting some snippets over on my soundcloud page if you want to check out what we’re up to. Keep in mind it’s not all finished…

But as our list is evolving, we’re realizing that every good set needs a great cover.  There is so much amazing music out there that deserves to be performed over and over again, and people love listening to a song they can sing along to.

So in my search for a cover to sing, I’ve found some really mind-blowing covers on YouTube.  And I thought I’d piggy-back on my post from the other day about music to put you in a good mood by showing you this amazing cover I came across today.

Tori Kelly, I didn’t know anything about you until today, but now I want to be friends.  Or at least listen to every song you’ve ever done.  I didn’t think anyone could do JT but JT.

Turns out Tori Kelly can also do a ridiculous JT.

So we continue on our search, now with “Suit & Tie” thrown in the mix.  Do you have any suggestions for covers for me?  I’d really appreciate the help:)


What I’m Listening To: Change My Mood

Today’s been a funky day.  One major up and one major downer.

Naturally, I’m focusing on the downer.  I can’t stop thinking about it and just zero in on the amazing positive of the day so far.

So I’m turning to music to block it out.  Here are a few tunes I can’t stop listening to recently that always make me smile.

Justin Timberlake – Suit & Tie

Did you watch SNL last weekend?? I told Brad after the show that I am changing my “get out of jail free card” from John Legend to Justin.

Brad said he might change his from Marissa Miller to Justin, too.

Seriously, I can’t get JT out of my head.  And did you know you now can stream the whole album on iTunes from your computer or iPad until it comes out next week?  The album is awesome.  It reminds me of why I first loved pop music.  And his use of harmonies is unreal.

Robyn – Call Your Girlfriend

Another pop singer I grew up loving.  I love how Robyn has evolved from using Britney Spears’ writers to being this awesome techno pop queen.  And I love the girl’s insane dance moves.  If this song doesn’t make you dance, I don’t know what will.

Adele – Rumor Has It

First of all, this is my favorite song from the 21 album.  It’s great to sing along to in the car and just get it all out.  And there are hand claps, which automatically make a song more fun.

Second – isn’t Adele awesome?  Love how her speaking voice is so… rough?  And so thick with her crazy British accent.  But her singing voice is so amazingly good.  I want to be friends with her.  And say the f word as cool as she does.

So now I will take deep breaths and focus on getting through my night without crying or exploding into a fit.  I will try and push my exciting morning news to the front of my mood and my really crappy afternoon to the back burner.

And I’ll be singing JT in my brain the whole time.






JT & Destiny: They’re Back!

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