REALLY Inexpensive Online Blogging Classes

So obviously, we created and devoured a ton of amazing food yesterday surrounded by an amazing crew of some of the coolest people I know.  I promise I will share soon.

But because of all of yesterday’s amazingness, I have restricted all activities before work at 5 tonight to the couch.  Gibson is curled up next to me.  This is the perfect Day-After-the-4th-of-July location.

But as I was Tweeting and Retweeting, saving blog posts on my Flipboard to read again later, double-tapping all piggie pictures on Instagram, and commenting on Facebook updates, I stumbled across something that is also amazing.

Altitude Design Summit is holding online blogging classes.  And they are only $15 a class.

Shut the front door.

Needless to say, I already have 6 classes in my shopping cart and I just could not wait to share the news.  I know some of my friends and readers are fellow bloggers, as well, and who could not benefit from a budget friendly, stay at home course to improve your blog?

Come on.  You know you want to.

Classes include: The Organized Blogger: Tips and Tricks for Blogging Success, Getting Started with Advertising, Graphic Design for Bloggers, How to Win At Business Cards, Photoshop for Bloggers(!!) and many, many more.

As if this wasn’t enough, you can get up to 4 free classes through Bing! and their Summer of Doing campaign.  Check this out for details.  And thank you, Bing!

I am officially dedicating July to making The Key of Kels the best it can possibly be, starting with these 6 (maybe 8…) classes.  All suggestions welcome in the Comments.

Which classes will I be “seeing” you in?