She’s Not Doing What I Tell Her To Do!

My mom could tell you the whole story about that title…  How it has something to do with Kimberly Baker and something to do with me being a bossy six year old girl who wasn’t getting what she wanted.  I probably wanted to play school and Kimberly probably wanted to play house.  I was a brat sometimes.  I still can be, actually.  Don’t I look bratty?

But I thought this was appropriate beginning to my new blog because I have been blogging the past two months for this fantastic company MixtapeMedia about all of the aspects of social media and how to use them.  I love writing for them and researching all of these crazy topics, but I realized I really like to write.  And I want to write about what I want to write about sometimes, too!  (Bratty Kels)  So here goes.

Basically, I am Kels.  Yes, that bratty six year old girl has become a really-not-so-bratty 27 year old who lives in the ginormous city of Los Angeles with her chef husband and spastic Lab mix.  I am a musician, foodie, wino, mixologist, writer and artist who is figuring out her way alongside the other 9.8 million people who are out here paying entirely too much for rent.  And I’m trying not to become obese from my husband’s amazing cooking and our addiction to the restaurants of L.A.  It could be a full time job, really.

“In the Key of Kels” is just for me to share what’s going on out here in sunny SoCal – including all the food and restaurants, music and concerts, married life and bartender stories, apartment issues, east coast longing and vintage-looking beach pictures that come along with it.  All from this East-Coaster’s perspective.

But for now I’m off to a meeting in Malibu in my flip flops and cargo pants.  SoCal life can be really tough…

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