Ten Day Vaca Challenge

So if you’ve talked to me at all in the past two months, you know I am super excited for my ten day vacation. Brad and I are taking off for the East Coast today, October 20th, and getting back next Sunday, October 30th. Just in time for our annual pumpkin carving.

We we flying back for my good friend Leah’s wedding (!!!) and decided to make our cross country flight count. 5 days in Maryland with my family, 5 in Upstate New York with Brad’s family.

I am super excited, but I am also a little nervous. When was the last time I was off from work for ten whole days? College? Spring Break 2006??

Will I feel like I should be doing something? Will I be so behind when we get back that I will curse such an extravagant break? (aside: Not extravagant at all. Columbia, MD and Ithaca, NY. Most extravagant thing is the Nordstrom’s in the Columbia Mall.) Will I begin to go mad from so much relaxation and wine and home cooked meals?

I certainly hope so.

So just to keep myself fresh and my brain from completely shutting down, I am proposing a challenge to myself. I will post at least one new blog post every day of our East Coast Brad-and-Kelly-palooza (that’s what I’ve been calling it). If I’m really hungover the post may be really short. If I’m super bored it might be really long. But between fall and a wedding and seeing all of our old friends, I will have plenty of inspiration. And I don’t want you californians to miss me too much 😉

Here we go day one…

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