Apartment Number Seven

Hip hip hooray!!

A year and a half ago, Brad and I had to make a quick move from one apartment to another here in Santa Monica on seriously limited funds. We found a decent little one bedroom with a pool and a patio and we settled in.

Fun fact?

Brad and I have lived in three states at six different addresses in four years. Two in Florida, two in New York, and two in California. We are really good at moving.

The apartment we are in now marks the first time we have completed a lease together EVER. We actually didn’t know what to do when our year was up and we didn’t want to move. That’s how nomadic we are. Sorry, how nomadic we WERE until L.A. But when apartments cost what they cost out here in Santa Monica, you tend to stay put with what you can afford. Two words – rent control. Two more words – we’re poor.

So I am excited to tell you that we got approved for a much nicer apartment in a much nicer area today! And although we have terrible timing and will be moving two days after getting back from a ten day vacation, this is the best possible thing to happen.

A few things we can now say goodbye to:

  • Moldy walls
  • Trash truck earthquakes every Monday at 7am
  • Cockroaches
  • Bedroom walls with no insulation
  • Garbage disposals you can’t put lettuce in
  • Leaking bathtubs
  • Hearing our neighbors conversations through the walls

Sigh. Of. Relief.

Our new place (!!!) has huge French windows, built in storage and bookshelves, a dining room, a front and a back patio, and it’s 8 blocks from my restaurant. Goodbye Jillian Michaels, this girl is gonna get her exercise by walking to work! No more crazy push-up jumping jacks.

Not that I was really keeping up with that recently anyway…

So I drop off the security deposit tomorrow and get the keys the day we get back from the East Coast! Hopefully soon I will be writing about how amazing our new apartment life is and throwing fantastic dinner parties for you all to enjoy.


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