Still Thankful

sweet potato casserole

Oh my gosh. After weekends like this one, I swear off drinking for a few days.  Then I get home from a long day at work and see that bottle of wine with just a couple glasses left in it… … Continue reading

North of Montana

Last year when we moved into our last apartment, we looked at is as a big step up.

We were moving North of Wilshire.

North of Wilshire.  North of the tourist madness.  A nice, quieter neighborhood where we could sort of be domestic without becoming too boring.  A tree-lined street where we could still walk to the city-like atmosphere of Wilshire, but we could also be just far enough away from it so that you couldn’t hear the traffic.

If you know Santa Monica, you also know that “North of Wilshire” means “South of Montana”.

Montana Avenue, which is like Santa Monica’s answer to Rodeo Drive.  Lots of cute little shops and stores and boutiques that I can’t really afford.  Lots of celebrity sightings.  Lots of Brentwood soccer moms at their soccer mom lunches while the nanny has the kids.  Lots of amazing cars and beautiful purses.  Lots of great people watching.

On the other side of Montana there aren’t apartment complexes.  There are gorgeous, multi-million dollar homes.  There is amazing architecture and unbelievable landscaping.  (see TRex)  Just across that one road, there is this other neighborhood that is fun to walk through, but completely out of reach.

Until I realized we just moved there.

Now, technically, we are still on Montana.  Not really North of Montana.  But our apartment is on the North side of the street, so I’m just going to go ahead and lump ourselves in with the wealthy producers and lawyers and doctors and whatever who live on this side of the street.

Brad and I are going to bring a little flavor to this side of the tracks.

Watch out.  We’re North of Montana now.


Movin’ On Up

with Gibson

The best word to describe our new apartment?  Calm. Even being on a busier street in Santa Monica and always having cars going by, this new place is absolute calm.  And after the nightmare that our last place turned into, … Continue reading

The Last of the Shy Cherry Family Meals

dinner at the Mathews

I remember a year ago moving into this apartment, we thought we had hit the jackpot. We loved our building.  We loved our courtyard.  We loved our landlord.  We loved our neighborhood. We had an amazing patio where everyone grew … Continue reading

Return of the Patio!!!

dog smelling the herbs

Did I mention that we got our patio back? After all of the lawyer-talk and the filling out of forms and sending the emails with nasty undertones – it looks like it may have actually worked.  We will be patio-less … Continue reading