Open Letter to My New Apple Peeler

Dear Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer thingamajig that I bought yesterday,

I feel like we started out on the wrong foot. I assumed you were silly. I assumed you were one of those kitchen gadgets that would show up on a BuzzFeed list about stupid things people buy for their kitchen. I assumed you were something that no self-respecting baker would have in their cabinet. I assumed you would make not only a giant mess, but you would make my apple-pie making last at least four times longer than it should have.  But something in me said to just give it a try.


Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer – I owe you an apology.


Something happened to me after the first apple. I took out my phone and couldn’t stop taking pictures. The curly leftover peels! The slinky-like peeled, cored, sliced apple! I felt like I wanted to make a hundred apple pies. Maybe some apple sauce! Heck, I wanted to make apple butter, too!


I peeled apple after apple after apple. I took pictures from every angle. I sent texts to my husband and best friend. I stuffed that pie so full of perfectly peeled apples that whoever ate it would have kept the doctor away for ages. Plus, I was done in about ten minutes. TEN MINUTES. You, my friend, are a life-saver.


Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer, I am really, truly sorry. I’d like to start again. You are wonderful. You are helpful. I could never imagine facing Apple Pie Season again without you. Please, please can we be bffs?




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Sad Mac

You know what they say.  Once you go Mac, you never go back.

I love my Mac.  I can’t imagine a possible scenario that would make me ever want a PC again.  The only reason I have an Android phone is because Verizon didn’t have the iPhone yet when my last cell clunked out on me.  So now I have under a year until I am 100% Mac.

So you can imagine I freaked out a little bit last week when I had a mini-Mac-meltdown. (By no fault of Apple’s.  All my own…).  My MacBook was so full that it had practically come to a stand still.  Anything I did resulted in a message telling me my hard drive was full.  Anything.  Websites, pictures for blogs, saving word documents… Anything.

Ever watched Sex and The City?  I’m sure you remember this episode.  That is how I felt.

I had a Sad Mac.

So a little background information.  Brad and I share this laptop.  And we are both musicians.  And we have over 4 years of pictures together, as well as my 4 years or so of digital pictures before that.  ALL STORED ON MY MAC.

Well that isn’t entirely accurate.  I sit here now, surrounded by three external hard drives.  I started threatening Brad about a year ago to back up the music he didn’t listen to and delete it from the laptop so we wouldn’t get into this mess.  And we have.  In fact, we have so much that two of these external hard drives are actually full.


So when my precious laptop slowed to a halt, I went to delete some more music (Lady Gaga is way less important than new blog posts.  Besides, I have Spotify now.  Duh.) and was horrified when I had absolutely nowhere to put that “Born This Way” album.

I immediately made a Genius Bar Appointment and booked it over to the Apple Store with three hours until I had to be at job #2.  I was cursing and hyperventilating and making lists of all of the things I should have been accomplishing that day.  It was about a day and a half before we went on vacation.  There were most definitely other things I should have been doing, but Sad Mac took priority fo sho.

And then I got to Apple.

Let’s just say I didn’t even make it to my appointment (I was also like an hour and a half early).  One of the helpful blue shirt guys probably saw the crazy in my eyes and he walked me through it. Turned out I was two updates behind and had a lot of steps ahead of me to get me on the cloud.  He sent me on to another store to buy the update (they were out) where I nearly snapped a unhelpful employee’s head off, but I ended up walking out with my third and newest external hard drive.

I know, this is all thrilling stuff, right?

Moral of the story, I come from a computer savvy family and it was a blessing in disguise that I #1 had my iPad to get me through and #2 was coming home in a couple days.

This is what my computer looked like last night…

And today, I could kiss it.  My brother switched me to a much bigger hard drive, added memory, cleaned out all of the Gibson hair that had snuck down into the keyboard (gross..) and then upgraded me to Mac VIP status.  OS X Lion, baby.

Yea, that’s right, I have the newest operating system.  And the geek in me really, really likes that.

Thank you, Jonny.  For answering my ridiculously panicked texts and for whipping my laptop into shape.

And one of my all time favorite Sex and the City quotes from that fantastic episode:

“After all, computers crash, people die, relationships fall apart. The best we can do is breathe and reboot.” -Carrie Bradshaw, SATC