Ridiculous Christmas Songs

Poor Brad. He has to put up with my adoration of Christmas music. But, to be fair, it was one of the reasons he fell in love with me.  At least that’s my side of the story.  More on that … Continue reading

Christmas Sweets and Treats

Last night for dinner I had three cookies and a glass of red wine. Merry Christmas! I also swore to my neighbor this morning that on January 2nd I would start caring about my health again.  Until then, it is … Continue reading


Right after I posted my Christmas pep talk yesterday, I got up, poured myself a glass of fancy wine, and ate a gingersnap for dinner. Because it’s Christmas and I can do that. And then I immediately started writing this … Continue reading

Far Away Christmas Pep Talk

Let’s be real here. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.  It’s a time when people are merry and lights twinkle late into the night.  It’s a time to celebrate and get together with the ones you love. … Continue reading

Mandatory Tomato Post

tomato burrata

It’s August.  Over halfway through August. Officially Tomato Month. And I haven’t had a single tomato post!!! My favorite tomato stand has been fully stocked since right around June 21st  (I was definitely counting down).  And my tomato stock has … Continue reading