Mandatory Tomato Post


It’s August.  Over halfway through August.

Officially Tomato Month.

And I haven’t had a single tomato post!!!


My favorite tomato stand has been fully stocked since right around June 21st  (I was definitely counting down).  And my tomato stock has been overflowing ever since.

Every time I go see Mark and Marianne, I leave with a bag or two of tomatos.  And Mark has started throwing in one or two (or a whole extra bag) of “eat today-ers.”  Like this beauty.

eat todayer

I accidentally left the market last week with three whole bags full of tomatoes.  And then an extra pint of cherry tomatoes.


I’m starting to think I love tomato season almost as much as I love Christmas season.  Except tomatoes don’t have songs you can only sing once a year.  I’ll have to fix that.

But as we are now about two months in to my (tied for) favorite season of the year, I have accumulated a lot of pictures of my tomato meals.  We have eaten tomatoes with breakfast, lunch and dinner.  We have gifted them to neighbors and friends.  I have eaten them sprinkled with salt and I have eaten them scrambled with eggs.

I have even found a tomato bread pudding recipe.  Gotta try that.

I feel like Sam I Am here…

So now, brace yourself for the tomato food porn.  I thought I’d share with you a few of the incredible ways we have eaten our tomatoes.  And I’m proud to say some of the creative ones (not all.  not nearly half) are my inventions!

It started out simple enough…


Tomatoes, basil and balsamic glaze.


Maybe add some mozzarella.


Then we started getting fancy.

IMG_8928Tomatoes with spinach, ricotta salata and homemade pickled cherries.

tomato salad

Tomatoes with field greens and red wine vinaigrette.

IMG_8962Tomatoes with burrata, basil and breadcrumbs.

tomato salad

Tomatoes with burrata, mouse melons, basil and edible flowers.tomato pasta salad

Tomatoes with penne and arugula.IMG_9530

Tomatoes with peaches, mozzarella and greens.IMG_9525

Tomatoes with acini di pepe, eggplant, balsamic and parmesan.

(This was just a “late night snack” Brad whipped up after I got off work at 1AM.  We didn’t have any meat or butter in the house.  The best vegetarian meal I have ever had.)

IMG_9622Tomato salad with greens, hard boiled egg, walnuts and mouse melons.

Seriously.  Remember the time when you’d eat too much of something delicious and your parents would say, “You’re going to turn into (insert your favorite type of candy here)!”

I may be half tomato by Labor Day.  Keep an eye on me.


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