Friday is the new Monday

The way my schedule is now, Fridays are my Mondays.  Mondays are my Fridays.

It gets really confusing while checking my Facebook feed on Friday afternoons when everyone in the 9-5 world is super excited for their work week to end.  Especially on this three-day-holiday-weekend Friday.  Everyone is so excited about their last trips to the beach or to the pool or their last barbecue before summer is “officially” over.

None of those 9-5ers would appreciate it if I wrote on Friday at 3pm: “Dreading going into work tonight.  Four more days until this weekend is over and it’s Monday!!”  They’d be all like, “Whaaaat?!?  I don’t want to see that crap.  Don’t rain on my parade!  TGIF!!!!”

And then they’d unfollow me and it’d be really sad.

I also have to stop myself from bragging on Mondays when everyone is all depressed about the weekend being over, and I just want to exclaim, “Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!  One more tiny shift and then I’m free until Friday!!!”

Another example of my opposite vampire life.  Oh well.

So Brad and I very much enjoyed our  “Sunday (really Thursday)” yesterday.  We decided we needed a Brad and Kels day because we hadn’t just hung out the two of us in so long.

So… we bought lightbulbs and went in to Brad’s work.


Is this one of those times when you look at your life and you think, “Man, we are getting old”?  But – come on – no.  Brad and I took those 6 foot lightbulbs and their protective sheaths and we got all excited about when we would be out buying silly things like this for our very own restaurant.  Plus the lightbulb store is one of the most amazing stores I’ve seen in Santa Monica ever.  I had no idea how many types, sizes, and colors of lightbulbs there were.  Fish lightbulbs.  Lava Lamps.  Moon Lights.  Mars lights.  Christmas lights in August!!!

Oh and the lightbulb errand also included going in to eat this…

Fishing With Dynamite Raw Bar

…along with so much other amazing seafood.  It’s a good thing Fishing With Dynamite is in Manhattan Beach, because I would be spending all of my money (that I don’t have) there.  I even forgot to take pictures because the food was so good, but here are a few pictures that I took in April when I went in for the first time and was obviously more on my food photography game.

Fishing With Dynamite Thai Soup Fishing WIth Dynamite Cocktail Fishing With Dynamite Crab Cake Fishing With Dynamite Key Lime Pie

Best crab cakes I’ve ever had outside of Maryland.  Besides my own, of course.  But, for real.  So much blue crab.  This Baltimore girl was in crab heaven.

And the place is gorgeous.  Look at the floors.

Fishing With Dynamite floor

After lunch and a nap, we even headed down to the Santa Monica pier, where there was a free concert by Trombone Jones!  I even packed a blanket for the beach and a classy thermos of wine.  We were up for a grand old New Orleans band kind of time.

Except we just simply couldn’t get in to the concert however hard we tried.  Entrances turned into exits just as we got up to them.  People were everywhere.  I had so much sand in my shoes.  The churros smelled amazing…

So we gave up on Trombone Jones and went and watched the fishermen on the end of the pier instead.  We saw some late night seals and read about the history of the Santa Monica pier.  Then Brad posed for tourist pictures because this was the first time we’d ever been on the pier at night and there are really some characters down there at night…

brad at pier brad dancing at pier brad at pier brad at pier

A silly night of being tourists and walking around our hometown ended where it usually does – Bar Pintxo.  And as our weekend wound down and the 9-5ers Labor Day weekend ramped up, I got a little sad that it was almost Friday…

Until I realized that Brad and Kels Adventure Day was back in full force!!  Plus the adult things to be excited about like the fact that we stayed on budget this month and that we weren’t stressing about where rent was coming from for the first month in a while.

We are definitely getting back to normal.  So proud of us.

And man, I can’t wait for “Saturday” (Tuesday).  Sorry.  Had to say it.


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