Brad and Kels Adventure Day

Brad and I dont get much time off together.  Brad works all the time and I work nights, so it doesn’t really bode well for typical date nights.

Sometimes we make dinner at 1AM.  Or watch late night TV until we fall asleep on the couch.  Exciting stuff.

So when we do have a full 24 hours to enjoy each other’s company and relax, we typically like to have what we call Brad and Kels Adventure Day.  This could involve lunch down the street and a walk down Abbott Kinney.  Or it could involve lots of seafood and a nap somewhere in Malibu ending in stupid tan lines.  If we’re feeling really crazy, we could head over to Hollywood for Amoeba Records and some coffee (for Brad).

Things could get crazy.

This Monday, Brad and I needed to get out of dodge.  He’d just come off of 2 weeks straight being in charge at Pintxo while David was away and I needed some time with my man.  Our Adventure Day turned out to be pretty photogenic, so I thought I’d share it with you.

We started off on Abbott Kinney in Venice for Brad’s caffeine and a little fresh squeezed grapefruit juice for me.

Then we cruised down to Manhattan Beach for lunch at a little bit of a quieter beach scene.  Brad made fun of me for ordering three tiny sausages.  I didn’t regret it at all.  Especially because making sausage jokes is really enough fun to get me through the entire Adventure Day laughing.

Oh, and Brad’s “relaxed” outfit.  I knew he was in day-off mode when the flip flops came out.

So we hung out on the pier for a little bit, watching the seals jump around in the surf and watching surfers trying to catch a wave.pacific ocean

seals in the pacific ocean manhattan beach

But then we headed back north.  And I realized windows down while wearing feather earrings made me feel kind of like I was flying away…

feather earrings kels

Oh, and then we met this little guy.  I don’t like cats.  I love this cat.

And this fun dog, Sadie, who we brought to sunset Happy Hour at the beach with us.

And then ended up the night hanging back in Venice, catching up with old friends and cuddling with the cutest tiny kitty I’ve ever seen.

Brad & Kels Adventure Day never disappoints.  Could be because we live in the incredible Southern California.  Could be because Brad & Kels really know how to adventure.  Either way, I am fully recharged and ready to take on the rest of the week.


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