Told You It Wasn’t Fall

Put away those Pumpkin Spice Lattes, people.

Even here in Santa Monica it is a sweaty 93 degrees today.  And it sure doesn’t feel like fall.

If I had white pants, I would probably wear them today just to prove a point.  I told you it wasn’t fall just because it’s after Labor Day.

But I am the happiest of happy because my wonderful parents arrive on the west coast this afternoon!  And although I have to work tonight, I can’t wait for all of the time we have over the next week to relax and explore together.  I have two really, really amazing parents, and I just simply don’t get enough time to share with them.

So far our plans just involve food – reservations at restaurants, trips to the market, recipes I want to make for them – but I’m sure the adventuring will include more than constant eating.

So while I will be working my new crazy schedule all day and counting down the seconds until I can see my parents, go out and enjoy an ice cream cone for me.  Pretty please.

chocolate ice cream cone sweet rose creamery

My new favorite ice cream place?  Sweet Rose Creamery in Brentwood.  This cone is their Chocolate ice cream mixed with their Spiced Peach with Almond ice cream.  It was divine, but I’m also excited to try their Goat Cheese, Fig, Basil, Salted Caramel, and Banana Flavors.

Seriously.  Best ice cream ever.  Add it to the “To Do with the Parents” list.  Especially if it stays this hot.

And you know what?  If you’re really missing that #PSL (ugh), Sweet Rose would probably be the place to find Pumpkin ice cream.  Whichever flavor you eat, enjoy every last second of this most wonderful season.

Happy Summer!


4 thoughts on “Told You It Wasn’t Fall

    • I guess in Southern California we pretty much have endless summer, but I say get the most out of the last official week! Ice cream is just as good at 70 degrees:) Happy Summer to you still!

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