Friday is the new Monday

The way my schedule is now, Fridays are my Mondays.  Mondays are my Fridays. It gets really confusing while checking my Facebook feed on Friday afternoons when everyone in the 9-5 world is super excited for their work week to … Continue reading

Rolling Stones Day!!!

staples center

It would be just wrong if I didn’t post about my amazing day with Brad yesterday. Today is technically his birthday, but he has to work tonight :(.  So we celebrated yesterday, which was perfect because it was… ROLLING STONES … Continue reading

Finally, Our Music Collage Wall

Remember a while ago I was attempting to create a concert ticket collage and instead I ended up making a restaurant collage? Well before I veered off into that secondary project, I was hoping to create a collage wall of … Continue reading

A Malibu Summer Day

I know that for most people in the world, Sunday is kind of a bummer day.  You’re trying to suck every last glorious minute out of your weekend without thinking about going back to work in the morning. Of course, … Continue reading