Rolling Stones Day!!!

It would be just wrong if I didn’t post about my amazing day with Brad yesterday.

Today is technically his birthday, but he has to work tonight :(.  So we celebrated yesterday, which was perfect because it was…


Yes, we spent entirely too much money on nosebleed seats to see “The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World”.  At one point while I was trying to buy them, two $500 seats came up to purchase.  If we had not both just left our jobs and started new ones, I maybe would have sprung the extra.  But, practicing my sanity, I gave up the lower deck and kept trying for something more affordable.

Anyway.  I woke Brad up with a little bit of a scavenger hunt yesterday morning.  The final clue led him to a birthday bag that contained this amazing book…

dog journal

Yes, I picked the most ridiculous looking book on purpose.  And then I filled it with a “choose your own adventure” for the whole day.  Starting with coffee…

And then leading to a search for the perfect Rolling Stones outfit.  I gave him three addresses and $30.  And we were off to West Hollywood!

Where I very quickly found the most amazing jacket ever at Jet Rag.

at jet rag

But Brad was a little more picky about what he chose… We walked around Melrose for a while, ducking into fun little shops and finding the most amazing Strawberry Balsamic ice cream.

He tried on fur coats

at jet rag

And army inspired shirts with our friends’ names on them.

at wasteland

And then, just when Brad was about to double back for a shirt he wasn’t really in LOVE with, he found the perfect combo…

Brad at the rolling stones

We went home and got ready, and then he chose the dinner adventure involving chicken gizzards, veal tartar, and grilled lamb’s heart (of course).

Bestia was awesome.  We got a couple of seats right up at the charcuterie counter, where Brad quickly made friends with the guys on the line.  We only got a few things (chicken livers and lamb hearts included….), but they were all really fabulous.

at bestia, LA at bestia at bestia

I can’t wait to go back and try some of the more tame options.  Like, you know, pasta and pizza?

And then, we were off.  Rolling Stones, watch out.

downtown Los Angeles sunset at the rolling stones at the rolling stones at the rolling stones staples center rolling stonesat staples center

A truly incredible concert experience.  Mick Jagger prancing around onstage.  Keith’s infamous riffs.  Ronnie Wood and Charlie both just killing it.

at the rolling stones rolling stones! at the rolling stones rolling stones

And then, when it was all over we headed back to the car.  Among all of the people filing out of the ginormous arena, we crossed the street with a crew of people also ignoring the red light.

“Hey look, that’s Slash.”

I laughed.  No way.  There’s a lot of crazy looking people here.

“No really,” Brad pointed.  “That’s Slash.”

As we walked to our car – awkwardly next to this guy with crazy curly hair and a silly hat – I realized that yea, it really was Slash.

No big deal.

I love you to pieces, Brad.  I hope you had the happiest Day-Before Birthday/Rolling Stones day EVER!


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