Crazy In Love – The Great Gatsby Soundtrack

It’s no secret, I’m a little obsessed with Beyonce.

Girl is awesome.  What’s not to be obsessed with?

So when “The Great Gatsby” Soundtrack came out this week, I was all over it.  I had been listening to everything Interscope was leaking on their Soundcoud.  It already reminded me of the feeling the soundtrack to “Romeo + Juliet” gave me back in 1996.

1996?!?  Holy crap.  That was seventeen years ago.  Look at pictures of Leo then!  He’s such a baby!!  And Claire Danes!  She’s my favorite insane CIA agent now!!

Romeo + Juliet

Back to 2013…


Great Gatsby Soundtrack?  Amazing.  And although Beyonce and Andre 3000’s version of Back to Black is a trippy, but cool new take on the original, I’m really drawn to the other Beyonce tune.

Emeli Sande and The Bryan Ferry Orchestra do an amazing 20’s inspired version of “Crazy in Love”.


Every time I hear it, I start dancing around in made up flapper moves.  And Brad laughs at me.  But I just can’t help it.  Try not to dance to this song!

If you haven’t heard of Emeli Sande before, check out her first album “Our Version of Events”.  I’ve been comparing her to Beyonce ever since I heard her.  Her voice is amazing, her style is funky, and her hair is – well – just awesome.

The rest of the Gatsby Soundtrack?  Love it. kills it on “Bang Bang”, and even Fergie has a pretty rockin’ song with Q-Tip and GoonRock in “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody”.  Jack White covers U2’s “Love Is Blindness” and Coco O, Sia, and The xx all bring their A-game.

The “Romeo + Juliet” soundtrack CD of 1996 didn’t leave my boom box for months and months and months.  And now the 1920s jazz mixed with dance and hip hop of “The Great Gatsby” has serious potential to do the same.

Well, in mp3 form.  It won’t be leaving my Spotify playlists for a while?  1996 wouldn’t get that at all.


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