The Rest of My Life

There is this quote that I used to love.


I used to apply it to relationships.  It was originally said in “When Harry Met Sally” about his newly realized love for his best friend.

But this week, I’ve started thinking that it is about finding any little piece of yourself that you have been searching for.

I recently realized that I was already doing what I was supposed to be doing in life.  I took ownership of the fact that I am not a teacher or a lawyer or an accountant or whatever.  I started telling people that I am a blogger, a baker and a candy maker.  I started sharing my dream of one day having a restaurant with my husband.  I started an editorial calendar and taking more photos with my actual camera instead of an iPhone.

I decided I was going to be successful and make a career doing the things I love. Continue reading

Crazy In Love – The Great Gatsby Soundtrack

It’s no secret, I’m a little obsessed with Beyonce. Girl is awesome.  What’s not to be obsessed with? So when “The Great Gatsby” Soundtrack came out this week, I was all over it.  I had been listening to everything Interscope … Continue reading