A Poem: Peace

I’ve been doing a lot of journal-time lately, really getting back into my songwriting.  And my favorite thing about keeping a journal is looking back at some of the wild things you’ve written before.  One sentence that I scribbled over a year ago gave me the inspiration for a whole new song today.

I also found a poem I wrote last year while sitting on the beach in Miami and watching the sun rise after a red eye flight.  I don’t know if I meant it as a poem at the time or just random thoughts, but it took me back to the exact feeling of that morning. Groggy and getting rained on, but still in awe of the beauty of the world.

miami sunrise


Heavy, humid silence

Flickering, brilliant sea

Salty clouds break beams of light

The world waits, awakens

There are so many places to see, to travel, to appreciate

I welcome the rain

I let it hit, tiny smacks

It water logs my words, my ink

blurring into a dream

This is magic


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