Happy Birthday… I’m THIRTY!

Well guys, I made it.

Today is the day I enter the fourth decade of my life. (thanks, Mom, for putting that fact in my brain)  I have kissed my twenties goodbye.  I guess I’m really an adult now.

I am officially thirty years old.

I have been seeing this ecard on Facebook for a while now, but I have to share it because I love it.  Especially now that I really am thirty.

20 nope 30

I have to say, thirty is not what I thought it would be.  When I was younger, I had this picture in my mind that thirty definitely meant a house and a husband and kids and a “grown up” job.

My thirty is different.  It’s just as great as all of those things, but just a lot more… me.

So I thought I’d look back at this past decade and celebrate all the things that made my twenties so great today.  Because I’ve been fortunate to have three pretty amazing decades behind me – full of love, family, friends, food, wine, and travel – but my twenties were just an incredible, wonderful adventure.

That I’m ok with leaving behind today.

30 Before 30

  1. Traveled to Europe – crossed England and Italy off the list.  Now to France, Spain & Germany!
  2. Went wine tasting on vineyards in the Finger Lakes, Northern California, Southern California and the Chianti region of Italy!
  3. Come to think of it – I’ve sung karaoke in Florence, Florida, New York, Maryland, Quebec and California.  I think that’s pretty cool.
  4. Was the Recruitment Chair and President of my sorority – Chi Omega!
  5. Graduated from Rollins College Cum Laude.  (still can’t read my diploma)
  6. Lived in my own apartment…
  7. …until I met this amazing man, he moved in, and then he eventually married me.  So much love to my one and only, Brad.
  8. Was signed to a recording contract.  Didn’t turn out how I would have liked, but pretty darn cool anyway.
  9. Sang for a filming of “Make It Through The Night” at PBS studios in Albany, NY.
  10. Took songwriters classes through Berklee College of Music.
  11. Got a tattoo in Miami… and then another one two years later in Los Angeles. (feeling the two year itch for a third!!)
  12. Left Orlando to move to New York…
  13. And then I moved to Los Angeles!  It was 4 years this past Sunday!
  14. Completed a three day juice cleanse.
  15. Learned to play guitar.  Still a work in progress, but I’m counting it.
  16. Rescued a puppy in need.  She drives me nuts, but I love the heck out of her.
  17. Passed my WSET Level 1 exam.
  18. Saw the Rolling Stones live.
  19. Came in second place in a “Best of the West” Bloody Mary competition.
  20. Sang a Lady Gaga song for Clorence Lechman. This is the weirdest story ever.
  21. Had my own “artist in residence” – who I love very much and is welcome back anytime 🙂
  22. Planted a garden where I actually grew things that were delicious to eat!
  23. Learned how to make pie crust… and used it.
  24. Ran 4.25 miles!  Two days in a row!! Just barely squeezed this one in, but I’m super proud!
  25. Painted a room bright red.
  26. Got paid real money to sing on advertisements for children’s toys.
  27. Watched some of my best friends get married and become parents.
  28. Became an aunt to two awesome nephews!
  29. Mastered a fudge recipe that would make my grandfather proud.
  30. Managed not to break or crack the screen of a single cellphone! I think this is a definite accomplishment.
  31. (gotta do one for this 31st year of my life….) I started this blog!!


So, sorry twenties.  I’m totally over you.  Totally, completely over you.

But man, you sure were a really good time.


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