Music Monday: Kels Music

I’m baaaaaack!

Last week, my wonderful parents were in town and I had a mini stay-cation with them down in Manhattan Beach.  It was beyond amazing to take a few days and really get to relax and hang out with them.

Now it’s back to the real world… which is also pretty great.  (But not even close to as great as having parents here.)

In case you hadn’t noticed a couple weeks ago, I decided to dedicate Mondays to music!  It will be my day to tell you what I’m listening to, update you on my musical happenings, share a new video or song, or introduce a new artist that I’m loving.

guitar and denim

Since this morning has literally been my first moment to catch my breath since the parents got on that jet plane and headed back east again, I thought I’d just give you a quick update on what is happening in my musical world.


So back in October, the bar I loved playing Open Mic at shut down.  No more easy two-song open mics for me.  I decided to get my act together and record a demo so I could get out and play real venues.  In November, I started recording a demo on my MacBook Pro.  A few days later, my MacBook Pro died.

But then, in December I got myself a fancy new iMac (!) and started recording again in between the madness of the restaurant holiday season (and a couple different boughts of the flu).  Fast forward to now, February, and I really, really need to get that baby done.

However! (yay!) This weekend I somehow managed to fit in time for an audition singing for something that could potentially be very fun and very big.  Had to sign a NDA, so I can’t say much more, but believe me, I’ll let you in on it whenever I can.

recording at eric's

I also reconnected with a friend who writes music for commercials, and had a great time making a quick demo for some toy called the “Happys”.  Fingers crossed that all of this ends well and I can start making some money with music again!

I also had a crazy weird dream the other night about starring in a new Miley Cyrus video album (Beyonce copycat?) that took place in a dark amusement park, involved lots of black lights and neon, and something about throwing croissants at people.

Yep.  My mind created that mess.


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