Pop Run/Over


Today I went for my morning run, and I’ve recently made a very poppy playlist.  Lots of Beyonce, Britney, and XTina.  What can I say, it gets me running (also dancing & singing). 

I ran up into Brentwood and back, staying on sidewalks and main roads.  I’m not one of those runners who is confident (or crazy) enough to be out running in the bike lanes.  I’m already singing along to girly pop from 2003 between gasps of air.  I don’t need to draw any additional attention to my sweaty, red-faced self.

I look both ways at crosswalks.  I slow down a little before entering the road – to catch my breath and to make sure I know what cars are doing – and I still managed to almost get run over twice today.

The first time, the woman gave me that sheepish “So sorry, didn’t see you and your platinum hair/neon outfit there!  Heehee!”


The second time, the woman straight up didn’t even look my way as she pulled right through the stop sign into the crosswalk.  It’s ok.  I’m looking out for crazies like you, lady.  I hadn’t even fully stepped off the curb yet.

And then, as she passed by and I went to give her a dirty look, I did a double take.

Was that CHRISTINA AGUILERA in that Mercedes SUV?!?

I spent the rest of my run contemplating how I would feel if I had been hit by XTina.  You know, just broken a leg or an arm or something.

And then I ran home – looking both ways twice – to “Fighter”.  Because Dirrty XTina never gets old.


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