MM: Pop Princess Workout Playlist

Music Monday!!

You know, when you eat and drink the way I do – even with my high metabolism – you have to do something extra to balance out all of the extra calories.

I know this mostly because I started feeling like my clothes were fitting a little tighter and I had less energy.  Oh and (TMI alert!!) I got fitted at VS and my bra size was crazy out of control.

Brad wasn’t as concerned about that as I was…

But then, last week Brad and I were on a gorgeous retreat with his work to Ojai Valley Inn & Spas…

Ojai Valley Inn Waters Ojai Valley Inn Room Ojai Valley Inn Room View Ojai Valley Inn Sunset

…and our lovely, lovely hotel room had a freaking scale in the bathroom!!!

I tried to stay off the thing, but I haven’t weighed myself in years.  But I’ve been working out kind of regularly for about six weeks, so I figured I had a good shot at not being too disappointed.


So this leads me to this week, where today I am two (TWO!!!) days away from thirty, and I have been on a workout mission!  I have been upping my milage on my runs and adding a few reps of squats and abs in afterward.

But if there is one thing that really motivates me during a workout, it is the music I am listening to.  I mean, I’ve been good at working out, but I’m definitely one of those people who spends just as much time – if not more – making the perfect playlist as I do actually working out.

And as I mentioned when I recently almost got run over by The Pop Princess herself, I have been running to a lot of girly pop music recently.  There’s something incredibly distracting to me about concentrating on singing every word – yes, I know every word – instead of thinking about how heavy I’m breathing or how many miles I have left.

post run sweaty selfie

I was so distracted today that I actually ran 4.25 miles.  Longest run of my life.

patting myself on the back!!

So, if you – and your significant other, probably – call yourself a “pop princess” like I call myself, you may also like this playlist.

If you’re more motivated by music like… Metallica (?) while you’re working out… well, I’m not sure how you found me.  But I sure am glad you’re here!

If nothing else, this playlist will get you up and dancing, and you can definitely burn some serious calories that way.  So work it out with me!  And Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, Katy Perry, J Lo, Ciara, Ke$ha, Kelly Clarkson, and a bunch of other pop princesses…

Let me know if I’m missing a princess or two.  I’m always up for adding more to the repertoire.


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