I am super excited right now.

I’m just going to brag a little.  I outsmarted the Apple Geniuses.

Ok, I’m sure those Geniuses knew this was a possibility.  But today, when I picked up my dead MacBook Pro and asked them if I could still connect the two computers to get any of the old files back, I got a flat “No.”

I was not going to accept the loss without a fight.

To Google I went.

“how to transfer files from a MacBook Pro that won’t start up”

Then, with Christmas music blaring and a To-Do list a mile long, I added finding a ‘6 bit to 9 bit’ FireWire cable to my errands for the day.  (I am learning so many new words today!  Bits?  FireWire?  What?!?  And I even sort of know what they mean!)

After the second trip to MacMall for a Thunderbolt/FireWire adapter, I raced home and got everything hooked up.  With my online tutorial pulled up on my iPad and a little confidence booster from the tech guy who sold me the adapter, I started dragging files from one disk to the other…

I’m not entirely back in business yet, but just the fact that “Kelly’s Hard Drive” even popped up on my Desktop made me very, very happy.  Photos are on their way back, documents are on their way back, and all of my guitar tracks are on their way back for my demo!

Giant sigh of relief.  Thank you, Google, for making me look good once again.


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