Farewell, MacBookPro



You know what’s really fun?  Looking back on your Facebook Timeline to try to figure out the exact date your last last laptop died.

Let’s start at the beginning.  My laptop has been on the fritz.  The Cd player quit working about 15 days after my Apple Care expired (three years ago?).  So there’s that.  Also the USB ports have been off and on for about a year now.  And the battery hasn’t kept a charge in years.

But I really loved that laptop.

Since I have been trying to record my songs and get a demo together, I’ve noticed these things a lot more.  It’s really freaking hard to record a decent demo on a laptop on its last legs.  So I started looking around for options for a new computer.

I had it all figured out.  I knew what I was going to get and how I’d set it up.

Except I was going to be responsible and hold off a little to save up some money toward it.

But today, my MacBook Pro froze.  And then it wouldn’t restart.  I tried everything.  It wouldn’t restart.


Sigh.  I headed to the Apple Store.  And I came back with this.


I thought today I’d reflect on the life of that wonderful MacBookPro.  Because it led a very full life.

First of all, I have to tell you.  This is kind of shameful.

The MacBook Pro was born out of a lie.

Somewhere around September 29th, 2007, I had just moved into my very first apartment on my own.  I was so grown up!  And one day, I had a couple of girls from work over and we bought ginormous bottles of champagne to make mimosas with by the pool.

I think we must have drunk all of those ginormous bottles that afternoon.  Because, as Florida afternoons go, it started monsooning out. So, naturally, we moved the party back up to my apartment…  where we had a dance party in our bikinis.

There is photo evidence of this somewhere.  I know this because of my Facebook Timeline.  Apparently, lots of people saw them and they are ridiculous.  I at some point untagged myself, so I have no idea what happened to these pictures.  I hope they are destroyed somewhere in a ditch.

Ah, 2007.

Anyway, somewhere along in this dance party, Sarah requested the new Prince Song “The 1 U Wanna C”.  I downloaded it on iTunes, because that was cool new technology, and we were dancing around like drunken, Prince-loving idiots.

And then the mimosa got a little out of control.

I won’t get into the details, but there was mimosa on/in the keyboard, there was a bright blue screen, there were a lot of paper towels and there was even a blow dryer involved.

And my college computer was gone.

I proceeded to tell my parents and the guy at Best Buy the next morning that I had spilled orange juice on it.  It was a believable story, and there was definitely a little bit of orange juice in there.

Plus a whole lot of bubbly…

But no matter.  I had to start figuring out how I was going to get another computer of some kind.  I panicked a lot.  I figured I’d have to work about a billion extra shifts to cover it.  But I had to have a computer.  I didn’t have a roommate to borrow one from anymore.

And then we found out that my dad had forgotten to take my laptop off of his insurance when I’d graduated from college.  So we ended up getting a good amount of money back.


I ended up with my MacBook Pro, lugging it with me to recording sessions and feeling like I knew what I was doing.  I remember being amazed by the background photos and the screen saver shots.  Plus, it weighed like half as much as my old Dell laptop.  Still like 10 pounds, but I thought it was insanely light.

And I always felt a little guilty about leaving out the champagne portion of the story to my parents.  Until one Christmas when it all came up and my friend Sarah spilled the beans for me.

I think everyone kind of assumed it all along anyway.

Anyway, my MacBook has recorded many, many songs for me.  It created awesome POS for my wine sales.  It helped me start this blog.  It helped me learn how to edit photos in PhotoShop.  It traveled from Florida to New York to California with me.

It’s taken me from drinking mimosas in a bikini to drinking fine wine in a cozy sweater.

And although I am sitting in front of a very fancy iMac right now (in a cozy sweater with a glass of wine), I am grateful for everything I learned on that laptop.  Because this screen is a lot bigger and is going to make all the next mistakes look even scarier and messier than before.  But I’m excited to take this next big step and see what I can create with this awesome new machine.

And I’m going to keep all mimosas far, far away.



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