Kels Birthday Dinner

I’ve mentioned a few times recently how packed our schedules have been the past six weeks and so many of the weeks coming up.

I should mention that so many of these events taking up our extra time are awesome events.  Parents in town, birthdays, trips to New York City, cooking a lunch on a farm, business lunches about potential new and exciting projects…

I am definitely not complaining.

But I’m a little behind on telling you all about it, so bear with me.  I’ll get to it all eventually.

We will start here:  I don’t know if you heard, but a couple of weeks ago I turned 30.  And so far, I think it’s fair to say that I’m killing it in this decade.

I kicked off this new age with a dinner to top all dinners.  I told Brad I just wanted to have some friends over for a pot luck style meal.  We have some super talented friends who know how to throw down in the kitchen, so I wanted all of those people to come together for a feast.

And feast we did.

In our living room.  With maybe sixteen of our closest friends?

It was crowded.  It was loud.  It was awesome.

kels birthday dinner kels birthday dinner kels birthday dinner kels birthday dinnerOur living room has never looked so good.  (Brad did it all!)

I baked a cake

kels bakes birthday cake floured pans floured panskels birthday dinner

And Brad made a menu…kels birthday dinnerYes, there were snapper HEADS on that menu…

…And then we had a grand old time.

kels birthday dinner kels birthday dinner kels birthday dinner kels birthday dinner kels birthday dinner kels birthday dinnerA wonderful night with amazing farmers, potters, musicians, artists, and friends.  I was so happy to ring in a new year with such inspiring people, and there is nothing better than bringing together all the great people in your life to meet each other.

Wish you were there.



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