A New Staple: Snapper Crudo

I don’t know what it is lately, but we’ve been eating a lot of snapper.

And not of the deep fried variety, although that will never get old.

fishing with dynamite snapper

No, Brad has been buying whole snapper…

snapper crudosnapper crudo

…fileting that baby down with his fancy Japanese knives…snapper crudo

And creating the most delicious tiny bites of sashimi you could imagine.

You might remember this plate from my birthday celebration.  Snapper with kumquat, Serrano and mint.snapper crudoAnd then this one that appeared a few weeks later.  Snapper with english peas and mint. 
snapper crudoNot only was this version delicious, but it went fabulously with a bottle of Cremant d’Alsace that someone brought over for my birthday.

snapper crudoWe even had a wonderful version of the dish at Gjelina a few weeks ago with blood orange and fennel pollen.

gjelina snapper crudo

Then, the birthday version was duplicated for the Coleman Lunch last week…snapper crudo snapper crudoAnd what a beautiful dish that was…

snapper crudo

I will say – as a seafood lover – that I am very excited about this new addition to Brad’s repertoire.  I think I’d eat snapper sashimi every day if I could…


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