Because I’m Happy

I just thought I’d throw a little late night happiness your way.

If you are on the east coast, consider it a little middle of the night closer to morning happiness…

You’re welcome?

I was just sitting around my apartment, having some much needed quiet time when I started singing that Pharrell song “Happy”, which I’ve been singing a lot of lately.

And, I mean, how can you not?  This is the most positive song since… I don’t know.  “Walking on Sunshine”?

Anyway, I was looking around my quiet apartment in this rare moment of peace in the insanity that is our February through April, and I just got really freaking happy.

A few of the happiness culprits:

neon socks

These (and many other) ridiculous, but warm, socks I bought for my trip to New York City.  And how I’m gonna rock them well into the summer just because they’re obnoxious and fun and warm and cuddly.  And neon.  The neon might be the most important word.

messy bun

This silly messy bun that I’ve been rocking all day because I just wanted to.  I think working for Hillstone has ruined my idea of acceptable hairstyles for life, but today I decided to go decidedly UN-spec. Flyaways, lots of bumps, a little off center.  And I like it.

Green!!  While we were in New York, our apartment building was exterminated for termites. While this seems super gross and kind of sketches me out, I am glad there aren’t bugs eating my house anymore.  But one of the things we had to get rid of while the exterminators were doing their thing was plants.  And I always love having a vase or two full of plants or branches or flowers, but since we’ve been back our apartment has been bare.  I’m so happy to have some green back!


My almost untouched, cold tea.  I don’t really love drinking tea, but sometimes I just want something warm that isn’t hot cocoa.  And it’s usually too hot.  So I let it sit.  And then I forget about it.  And then it’s too cold.

I’m so predictable.

Anyway, this seems kind of like a silly post, but I am just so happy to be sitting around my apartment on my night off, drinking cold tea, wearing neon socks, hanging with the pup and just enjoying a moment of quiet.

And I’m probably off to listen to Pharrell.  Goodnight!


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