DIY Gloves!

I’ve realized since Brad started at Tar & Roses that we were pretty spoiled while he was at Pintxo. One of us almost always got off of work early, so one of us always got the “load the bike into … Continue reading

Thank You (with Octopus Cards)!!

So this week is a big week in my Key of Kels world. Not only is Wednesday, August 15th my One Year Bloggiversary (!!!), but this is my 150th post as The Key of Kels. That means that 150 times in … Continue reading

Finally, Our Music Collage Wall

Remember a while ago I was attempting to create a concert ticket collage and instead I ended up making a restaurant collage? Well before I veered off into that secondary project, I was hoping to create a collage wall of … Continue reading

Collage Plan B…

Sometimes crafty projects go wrong. I collected all of our concert ticket stubs I could find.  I asked my mom to send the books of stubs Brad and I had collected and then left in my parent’s basement in Maryland … Continue reading