Vegas-On-A-Budget DIY Totes

I have had a debaucherous week.  My poor, poor bank account.

I spent last weekend in Las Vegas with three of the most fun girls I know. We partied, we tanned, we drank champagne, we gambled – you know, all the typical Vegas weekend things.

But you know how Vegas gets.  You can order a $20 roll of sushi that is about the size of a nickel.  You can bet $50 on black and lose it in the blink of an eye.  You can pay $20 for one single Vodka RedBull.

This might have been based on true events…

So that is why before we left, I put together two bags for our weekend.  These bags were going to keep us entertained, glamourous, and on budget.

Well, a Vegas budget.

I bought two bags to begin.  One black and one white.  I wanted to stuff them with fun things that we might need throughout the weekend.

I cheated a little and printed out “VEGAS” in a great font to get started.

Then I stenciled it in chalk onto both bags, black for night, white for day.

I got my gold paint out, because doesn’t Vegas use make you think gold? (fingers crossed)

And painted away…

Adding a sun and a moon…

And then of course, a little glitter…

…which I had to promise Brad I would clean up as SOON as it was stuck on there.

The day before we left, the bags were totally dry (and all glitter was cleaned off the dining room table).  I stuffed the daytime Vegas tote with sunscreen, magazines, crossword puzzles, fruit snacks, protein bars, and silly sunglasses.  The nighttime Vegas tote was stuffed with lotions, fun jewelry, a few bottles of vodka, hairspray, nail polish, and a bottle of champagne.

I think the valet was a little disappointed in us while loading up the car for the drive home yesterday that we still had about a bottle and a half of vodka leftover.  He said most people don’t leave Vegas with booze.  We may have overestimated our inner-rockstar-selves when it came to the liquor…

But I assure you, the champagne was completely gone.


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