Market In Bloom

Brad and I were on a bit of a Farmer’s Market Budget today.  Between my trip to Vegas with the girls , our last minute Craigslist purchase of tickets to Jack White’s solo premiere show on Monday night, and our real attempt at paying off credit cards and saving up some money – we couldn’t afford to be extravagant.

Keep in mind, we usually bring $80 in cash to the market.  This buys flowers, eggs, veggies, fruits… whatever we want for the week.  And then I’d say we spent about $100 a month at the grocery store in other goods.  We are already pretty frugal – and lucky that we can get such amazing produce for so little.

This week I was obsessed with the flowers.

They’re just so vibrant right now.  So many colors.  So many shapes.  So many smells!

Peonies. The Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. 5.2.12

I have to admit, I’ve had a real aversion to roses since a boyfriend in high school who completely over-did them.  But maybe since it’s my ten year high school reunion this year (Eeek!!) I think I’m finally getting over my rose grudge…

Roses. Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. 5.2.12

Suddenly, I love roses.  They are just so beautiful and soft and romantic.

I even bought myself some Garden Roses the other week and had a tomato-like photo shoot with them once I got them home…

Even the flowering herbs are amazing right now.

Flowering Herbs. Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. 5.2.12

Mexican Sage, Lavender, wild borage flowers…  You can eat them or decorate with them.  Reminds me of our wedding tattoos ❤

So while the guys were planning out their menus for the weekend…

I was taking pictures of more and more herbs…

Herb Bouquet. Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. 5.2.12.

And crazy root vegetables…

Black Radishes. Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. 5.2.12

And my newly purchased jar of almond butter…

Almond Butter. Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. 5.2.12

With what little cash we had left, Brad and I checked out a new coffee shop by the Promenade called The Refinery.  Cutest espresso cups.  Great coffee (he says, I had tea).

The Refinery, Santa Monica

The rest of the day has been spent napping, doing laundry, and cleaning up the apartment.  I had neglected a lot of every day things while partying it up in Vegas…  But now that I have spent my $80 for the week, I’m looking forward to a delicious dinner using our fresh purchases.

Brad has been sharpening his knife for the past 10 minutes.  This is gonna be really good.


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