Happy Year!

2012 was a great year. Lots of amazing things happened. Lots of great food was created and devoured. New friends were made. New great music was found and written. New opportunities presented themselves. New tiny people were born into this world.

So I thought I’d share some of my favorite moments of the year. Some of my favorite pictures documenting one fantastic year. Some of the many things that made me so happy this year.

A well stocked fridge…


Winning the Wicked lottery!!IMG_0225The mustache plate


Friends and an amazing meal to celebrate 28 with424862_10150697145782324_562142323_11733220_64202594_n

Flowers every week from the MarketIMG_0689

Real Maryland Crabcakes


New foodschirimoya

Awesome meals made by amazing friendsIMG_1475a


Our garden, even though it was short livedIMG_1419a

My tired pupIMG_1611

Matching tattoosIMG_1576

Late night snacksIMG_1740a

Hungover market snacksIMG_1777

A husband who is this excited about produceIMG_1805

Friends that are this excited to drive to Vegas20120428-094547.jpg


Blackout BirthdaysIMG_2487a

The tiniest musselIMG_3076A lot of tomato saladsIMG_3435a

Frozen credit cardsfrozen credit cards

Beach naps with Brad
nap on the beach

Singing like a fairy rockstarmicrophone

Going to exclusive partiesIMG_4122aWearing neon


crabs and old bayKnowing I grew these tomatoes

IMG_3851aVisiting these piggies


The size of this tomatoIMG_4988

Parents in Los Angeles!IMG_5235Upgrades on planes

virgin airlines upgraded chardonnayLots of killer live musicIMG_5193 Five years of pumpkin carving tradition

Santa Monica Farmer's Market

Four more yearsi voted sticker

A new apartmentwith Gibson A new ride

new bicycle

A new camera!

IMG_6829aThese guyssweet potato mustaches These guysDSC_0084a These guysDSC_0067aAnd so many other guys. So happy.

So raise a glass with me, and here’s to another happy, healthy, and prosperous year ahead. Happy New Year!!


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