Green Eggs and… Sprinkles?

While manically searching for the green food coloring on Saturday morning, I came across a container of the fantastic rainbow sprinkles that immediately take me back to ice cream sundae parties of my youth.

Seriously, don’t these just make you smile?

And although I just had some sprinkles on my ice-cream recently while I was home at my parent’s house…

These particular sprinkles always remind me of something else, especially while making Green Eggs (Huevos Verdes.  Whatever.)

I have a very vivid memory from my childhood, and I’m not sure if it is 100% accurate.  But hell, I was like 3 and it’s a crazy strange story, so I’m telling it.

Just imagine this happening to THIS Kels…

When I was super small – way smaller than I am now – we used to go over to a friend’s house kind of far away from our house (keep in mind, I was around 3. This far away house was probably down the road) to hang out and to play and probably just to give my mom a break for a little while.  They lived in a brick townhouse on the end of a row, and this family also had a stuffed animal I remember I really liked. None of this is at all important to the story.

One day we were at this house when the mom told us she was making Green Eggs and Ham for lunch!  Let me tell you, 3 year old Kels was super excited.  I knew what those were!  From the story! Sam I am!  And I’d never seen green eggs before!

What. A. Treat.

The next thing I remember we were all sitting at the table and she brought us out our eggs.

Regular eggs. Sunny side up.

Except they had those rainbow sprinkles on them.


I remember even in my little 3 year old mind I was super confused.  And this is where my vivid memory stops, but that image is forever burned in my mind.  Did it taste good?  Was it a crazy way to get kids to eat sunny-side-up eggs?

And why the heck weren’t they green???

I was going to make this strange dish to take a picture of for this post, but I can’t ever really bring myself to want to try Eggs with Sprinkles.  Maybe one day I’ll be in the middle of making eggs and the sprinkles will once again catch my eye and inspire me, but for today – no thanks.

Now that I think about it, maybe she had the same problem I did the other morning.  Maybe she was going to make green eggs and had a last minute search for the food coloring that went completely awry. But she kept her cool and instead of declaring that breakfast was ruined, like I did, this woman just grabbed sprinkles and thought, “Kids like sprinkles, they won’t even care that I didn’t make the eggs green.”

She was sort of right.  Although it is 25 years later and I still can’t wrap my brain around Sprinkles on Eggs.


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