St. Patty’s Huevos Verdes

I realized when I woke up and read my Facebook Newsfeed this morning that I am not really a St. Patrick’s Day person anymore.  And I think there is one good reason for that.

I am not much of a binge drinker anymore.

Even three years ago I would have been in for any green themed bar crawl on this lovely St. Patty’s Day.  I love me some Jameson.  But I’ve never liked Irish Car Bombs (they CURDLE while you drink them?  Does that not bother you??) and I don’t like when my teeth turn green from too much Bud Light dyed green.

So as I scrolled through pages and pages of statuses announcing that the drinking had commenced and my cynicism settled in… I got up, put on a green scarf, and decided to make SOMETHING green for breakfast.

So I made a coffee cake.  And I was texting with Sarah while I made it that I was going to dye it green with food coloring.

Then I forgot to dye it green…

And even though it was delicious and a very nice natural shade of beige, I needed something green.

The eggs!  I had this.

I had a mini I’m-really-trying-to-be-festive meltdown when halfway through egg preparation I realized that I couldn’t find the food coloring.  I searched every cabinet.  I brought in a stool and even scoured the really high shelves.  I even exclaimed dramatically at one point “Breakfast is ruined!” – to which Brad just laughed and told me that in no way was breakfast ruined.  It just wouldn’t be so green.

He is a very good man.

I looked one last time before the eggs were completely done and stuck their normal shade of yellow… and I found the food coloring!!!!!  It was hiding under some other box or spice or whatever.

I raced over to the stove.  I added three or four drops.  I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Brad said it looked like green squid ink, but less ocean-y.

Whatever Brad.

So we ended up having eggs that were kind of tie-dyed green scrambled with broccolini (green!) in green bowls and green glasses of orange (not green) juice.  Believe me, if I had some green juice, I would have drank it.

So maybe I’m working tonight instead of drinking myself Irish.  I’m really ok with that.  Because I got a whole lot of Irish green into one little meal this morning and that just might be all the festive I’ve got this year.

But I am going to have a “Pot of Gold” cocktail for all of you St. Patty’s Day Boozers out there at R+D tonight.  Because you know me, I like gold, I like glitter.  Everyone does green on St. Patty’s day.  I want to do glitter.

If you can’t make it in after your bar crawl, I’ll post the recipe so you can make your own soon.  Because is there ever a day you couldn’t use a Pot of Gold?

Luck of the Irish to you!!


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