Business Dinner

If you’ve talked to me or Brad in the past few years, you know that we are planning to open restaurants.  Great restaurants.  East Coast and West Coast.  Spanish food, deli style – all different kinds of restaurants.

It’s going to be delicious.

Brad and his executive chef and boss, David, made a plan when Brad went back to Bar Pintxo in January that there was no turning back.  Them reuniting in the kitchen would be the beginning of their business partnership.  David and Brad make a great culinary team and they’ve known so since they started working together back in 2010.

This new chapter is the beginning of the end of working for someone else.  It’s the beginning of our adventures as business owners and restaurant owners.

So the other night Brad and I went over to David and Allie’s apartment for dinner, like we often do.  I brought apple pie and ice cream.  Brad brought farmer’s market vegetables and fresh herbs from the garden.  We grabbed a couple bottles of wine.  The guys cooked, Allie and I had a few drinks.

Dinner was amazing.  The guys got an insane amount of free Foie Gras from one of their vendors and decided to go a little nuts with it.

Salad, to begin. (No foie in this, I think?)

Then Foie Gras Seared Miso Seabass topped with Caviar

And to finish – Foie Gras Stuffed Roasted Cornish Hens with Forbidden Rice

Oh yea, and to top it all off, the Apple Pie.

If only all business meetings could taste this good.

The best part is there was way too much Forbidden Rice and we had to take some home for leftovers.

Brad made this for lunch Wednesday after the market – Forbidden Rice with Arugula and Cherry Tomatoes.  Amazing.

And I copied him the next day for a quick salad.  Forbidden Rice with Spinach, Arugula, Beets, and Cherry Tomatoes.


But we really did get some business done the other night.  As we talked, the guys cooked, and I took notes – I realized that these guys already have potential investors and are thinking about opening their first place in the Summer of 2014.

That is TWO YEARS from now!!!

So Brad and I are working on coming up with a strict budget.  We are figuring out how to get out of as much debt as possible as soon as possible while saving a good chunk of money to make these dreams a reality.  Obviously we have been living a rather extravagant lifestyle for the amount of money we make, so it won’t be an easy switch, but I guess it’s about time to become an adult and be serious about these goals and dreams we have.  Let’s make this restaurant a reality.  Let’s put these plans into motion!

Let’s use this piggy bank!!

So goodbye ten course tasting menus.  Goodbye pairing wine with extravagant lunches.  When the credit cards & student loans are paid off, we may reunite once again.

Until then…   Here. We. Go.


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