Monday Gluttony

We outdid ourselves yesterday.  The eating situation got a little out of control.  Like, it turned into one of those days that make you want to do another juice cleanse.  Or run coast to coast like Forrest Gump.  Or just take a few days (weeks) off from food.  I don’t know how TV food judges do it.  Or how Brad stays so skinny without even owning a single pair of sneakers.  Not. Fair.

But it was soooo delicious.

Brad and I headed over to Milo & Olive with our friend James for lunch.  We ordered at least half of the menu.  We ate entirely too much.  We ordered two desserts.  We got three.

I did not complain at all.  Tiramisu.  Cornmeal Strawberry Cake.  Chocolate Ganache Layer Cake.  Amazing.

We just should have timed things a little better, because after an hour or two of laying around the apartment (literally, I laid on the living room floor for a couple hours), watching 3d Tupac at Coachella YouTube videos, and me making more Vegas transportation plans – we actually had a dinner date for a Chinese noodle and dumplings feast at 6PM.

Life of a chef’s wife.

We met up with David, Allie, Henrietta and Ballio and took off for Monterey Park.  We pulled up to a tiny little shopping center hole-in-the-wall joint they had found on a Jonathan Gold list and had since become a favorite, 101 Noodle Express.  Henrietta and Ballio were the professionals and ordered for us.  They taught us how to say “Thank You” in Cantonese.  And then in Mandarin.  We ate Soup Dumplings and Beef Rolls and Fried Chicken and Bok Choy and Oxtail Noodle Soup.

We ate spicy Pig Ear with Tofu and Tripe.

Brad finished it off.  To the waitress’s horror, we ordered a few more things.  Including Pig’s Feet.

Of course this was Brad’s idea.

Although gelatinous and creepy, pig’s feet weren’t as terrible as I thought they’d be.  And if I ever take one of those “100 Foods You Must Eat Before You Die” quizzes that are circulating around Facebook right now, I’m sure they will help my score out by a point.  But I sure won’t be ordering them on my own anytime soon.

As soon as I thought I would explode from food, we picked up and drove over to Phoenix Food Boutique for Chinese desserts – which were beautiful…

Or ginormous.

We made it home without the help of a wheelchair or a crane, but as I sunk into our couch with a glass of wine (to hopefully aid in the digestion process) I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get up for a day or two.

Then we turned on “No Reservations”, where Anthony Bourdain ate every type of Kansas City BBQ that could possibly exist – and he ate it with the Black Keys and some crazy Russian man.  What’s better than that?!?

The food videography was so amazing.  It made the pulled pork SMELL delicious.  It made the macaroni and cheese look sexy.  It was absolutely beautiful and it inspired me to take better food pictures.

It also made me feel a little sick just watching it.  I was that full.


So this is all why today Gibson and I went for a nice, long run.  And it’s why it is 1:30PM and all I’ve been hungry for today is a green juice and an apple with a little bit of peanut butter.

Just a typical Monday, right?


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