Tomato Tomahto

I literally just spent half an hour taking pictures of these tomatoes we bought at the Farmers Market today.

I like how they all had their own personalities and all just rolled around, changing formation from time to time.

Tomatoes are such a wonderful fruit/vegetable. I could add them to any dish. I add them to scrambled eggs for breakfast. I eat them with a dash of balsamic vinegar and salt as a snack.  I make wonderful fresh tomato sauce for all of the spaghetti I like to eat…  Shoot, I’ll eat bite into a tomato like an apple.

During tomato season, tomatoes are in EVERYTHING I eat.

You know what is the best thing about Farmer’s Market tomatoes? The smell. They still smell just a hint like tomato plants even after you wash them.

You know that smell? The kind of planty, green, almost grassy smell of the actual plant that the tomatoes grow on?  It is the best.  It really makes you feel like you’re eating something in the form it’s supposed to be eaten in – fresh off the plant.

If you don’t have a great market to visit this spring or summer and you really want that smell, buy organic tomatoes on the vine. They have that same, summery, fresh garden smell.  I do it all the time in the winter.  When it’s cold out (so, like 45 degrees here in SoCal), that scent brings you back to summer.

Ahhh… Tomato Heaven.

Brad and I are growing our own tomato plants in our little patio garden this year. One of our plants has been growing like mad, and then we have another little cherry tomato plant that took off – to the left of the ginormous plant here – and then kind of just fizzled out.

I’m doing my best to nurse the little guy back to health and to try not to kill the plant that is growing like crazy on its own. I’m taking all tomato growing advice I can get. If I can save myself $3.99 a pound in tomatoes this summer, it will be like winning a (small) lottery.

Ok, maybe just a scratch off or two. But I really like tomatoes. It could add up quick.

Waiting for these little flowers to bloom into that delicious fruit has proven to be like waiting to open Christmas presents under the tree.

Tomato torture.

So until then, I will buy all the little guys the market has to offer. And I will take a billion pictures before devouring them all in a Caprese or some other red goodness.



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