Goodbye to the Garden

Remember my lovely urban patio? The one that I was so excited to grow my own herbs and lettuces and tomatoes? The one that we even replanted for the summer to keep it seasonal and fresh? Yep, it was lovely. … Continue reading

The Killer Ladybugs

You might think the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market is the most amazing thing in the produce world from the pictures and posts I put up.  And it’s true, it is the most amazing thing that ever happened to produce…  But … Continue reading

Getting the Urban Garden Ready for Summer

Our little urban garden has been a touch neglected recently.  Not my tomatoes – of course – but the lettuce, peas, and some of the herbs were looking like they needed a huge dose of loving.  So on Monday, Brad … Continue reading

Tomato Tomahto

I literally just spent half an hour taking pictures of these tomatoes we bought at the Farmers Market today. I like how they all had their own personalities and all just rolled around, changing formation from time to time. Tomatoes … Continue reading

How Does Our Urban Garden Grow?

I really impressed myself the other day. I made a beautiful and delicious salad made only with vegetables, raisins, and nuts either bought at the Farmer’s Market or taken right from our own garden. I sat down to eat it … Continue reading