Mandatory Tomato Post

tomato burrata

It’s August.  Over halfway through August. Officially Tomato Month. And I haven’t had a single tomato post!!! My favorite tomato stand has been fully stocked since right around June 21st  (I was definitely counting down).  And my tomato stock has … Continue reading

A Toast-y Weekend

Since this weekend has been full of a lot of work, catching up on things around the house, and financial planning… I’m pretending like it is still last weekend, when the Toasts were in town and I joined in on … Continue reading

Lovely, Lovely Figs

Aren’t they just so pretty? And delicious, too. I couldn’t help taking some pictures of the beautiful plate Brad made for us this week with market figs, leftover prosciutto and radish sprouts from our garden. I mean, his food is … Continue reading

Prosciutto, Tomato & Burrata Salad

I read somewhere once about a few ingredients that chef Tom Collicchio always has on hand in his kitchen for impromptu late night munchies or quick throw-together meals. I can’t remember the entire list, but I know that Prosciutto and … Continue reading

How Does Our Urban Garden Grow?

I really impressed myself the other day. I made a beautiful and delicious salad made only with vegetables, raisins, and nuts either bought at the Farmer’s Market or taken right from our own garden. I sat down to eat it … Continue reading

Brad & Kels Leap Day

Yesterday was the day that comes only once every four years. And it was awesome. I like to tell people that Leap Day was my actual due date, but I was born three days early.  Now that I am older, … Continue reading