Mandatory Tomato Post

tomato burrata

It’s August.  Over halfway through August. Officially Tomato Month. And I haven’t had a single tomato post!!! My favorite tomato stand has been fully stocked since right around June 21st  (I was definitely counting down).  And my tomato stock has … Continue reading

A Three Tart Meal

The other night, Brad and I set what I think is a new record.  I am not necessarily condoning this, but when you are an adult and you have a lot of pastries sitting around, sometimes you eat crazy things … Continue reading

Happy Summer Solstice!

I like that the longest day of the year in 2012 was a Wednesday.  By default, this means that it was the longest day of not having to work, of the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market, AND of Brad and Kels … Continue reading

First of the Tomatoes

I have a million pictures and stories from this past weekend in Florida that I should be sharing, but I simply couldn’t wait to share the exciting news…. WE HAVE OUR FIRST TINY TOMATOES!!! I don’t know what I was … Continue reading